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Important legal notice: Disclaimer

The Future Worlds Center (legally registered as Cyprus Neuroscience & Technology Institute) maintains this website to offer access to the public on information about the project “Everybody’s Song”. If you notice any errors on the website please inform us and we will try to correct them. The information on this website is derived from a variety of sources and is intended for general information only. It does not intend under any circumstances to address specific aspects of any individual or entity. FWC/CNTI does not guarantee that all contents on this website are valid, accurate or up to date.
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The project team is trying to maintain the website in functioning order and prevent any technical errors from disrupting it. However, some information or files on this website may have been created in ways that are not error-free; therefore we cannot guarantee that our service will not be affected by such problems. We accept no responsibility in regarding problems caused by the use of this website or the given external links.

While every attempt has been taken to ensure that the material contained on this website has been obtained from reliable sources CNTI/FWC takes no responsibility for any errors or omissions.

Copyright notice

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Personal Data Protection

CNTI and its project partners are committed to preserve personal privacy according to the European Union policies and regulations.

References for music notes

All musical scores on this website were written by Veronika Schmid and are based on transcriptions made by Fanya Palikruschewa-de Stella (contact address: Matzelsdorf 16, A-3040 Neulengbach, Austria, e-mail: fanyadestella@gmx.at, phone: +43 699  1956 8655) for her thesis „Ein Lied für alle. Varianten eines Liedes in sechs Balkanländern“ (A Song for Everybody: Variations of a Song in six Balkan Countries) at the Institute for Folk Music Research and Ethnomusicology at the University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna in reference to the documentary film “Whose is this song?” by Adela Peeva, Sofia, 2003. For technical reasons (in order to fit the layout of the project booklet) the transcriptions were adopted and revised by Reinhard Eckert and Veronika Schmid. The musical scores were partly combined with different lyrics, especially for the sake of diversity of alphabets (Cyrillic, Greek and Latin). Therefore not all lyrics correspond to the original transcriptions made by Fanya Palikruschewa-de Stella.


  • Fel Shara: musical notes: © Di Grine Kuzine, recorded in Berlin 1999; lyrics: © KlezRoym, Italy 2005
  • Pogledaj me Anadolko: notes and lyrics: traditional from Bosnia, recorded by Adela Peeva in Sarajevo, 2002
  • Yasen mesec: notes and lyrics: traditional from Bulgaria, recorded by Adela Peeva in Strandzha Mountains, Bulgaria, 2002
  • Onte stin porta vgainei gözleri mahmur: notes and lyrics: traditional from Mitilini/Lesbos, Greece and from Turkey; music recorded by Adela Peeva in Mitilini, 2002
  • Oj ti Paco Drenovcanke: notes: Goga Zafirov; lyrics: traditional from FYR Macedonia; source: YU-TV (reproduced by Adela Peeva, 2003)
  • Apo xeno topo: notes and lyrics: traditional from Greece, performed by Solon, Mitilini/Lesbos, Greece, recorded by Adela Peeva, 2002
  • Ruse kose: notes and lyrics: traditional from Serbia, recorded by Adela Peeva in Vranje, Serbia, 2002
  • Üsküdara’a gider iken: notes and lyrics: traditional from Turkey, recorded by Adela Peeva in Istanbul, Turkey, 2002


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
This website reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
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